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Character Development 

During a time when small ski hills are becoming few and far between, Bluewood approached AdvoGlobal to build brand equity and help ensure sustainable growth for years to come.

The Challenge

Boost season pass sales. Amplify top-of-mind awareness. Refresh the brand.

our approach

First, we focused on building the relationship with those who know and love Bluewood

Good Comms > Bad Comms

Communicating effectively to the Bluewood community (with tone and voice dialed in) was critical for strengthening trust and engaging the current customer base.

We started with email (which continually proves to be the breadwinner of communication with the highest ROI of all other channels) and was key in driving traffic to convert on their website and making their way up to the mountain.

Boost Engagement

Elevating the On-Mountain Experience

We coordinated, marketed, and assisted in the activation of four new on-mountain events.

Music on the Mountain

A series of live music events in the lodge featuring local artists.

Women's Ski Camp

Bluewood’s first ever ski camp for intermediate and advanced women skiers.

Skyliner Kids Program

A half-day ski school program for kids ages 3-6 to develop a love of winter sports.

Work From Hill

Pilot coworking program that opened the lodge to local remote workers.

Turn Me Up!

With Bluewood’s customer base more engaged, we used reels to show the energy on the mountain, creating FOMO. This enticed visitors to keep coming back for more.

Our Approach

Second, we focused on outbound acquisition strategies to bring new customers to the mountain.

Building New Connections

By focusing on what they truly value, we created meaningful connections with new users.

IG Ads

Our Approach

By refreshing the brand, we were able to build brand equity and top-of-mind awareness.

Revitalizing a Historic Brand

With Bluewood’s long standing history in the valley, we made sure to preserve the historic roots while guiding their brand identity into the 21st century.

The Results

Record-Breaking Revenue and Increased Brand Equity


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Season Pass Revenue


Stoke Factor

Season Pass Sales

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