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Advocate.Wine (ADW)


Product Development

App Development

Brand Identity

We’re always looking for creative solutions to help those around us. When we saw a need in the wine industry, we knew we had to help.
And so, was born.

The Challenge

Create a solution to liquidate wineries’ excess wine without devaluing their brand.

our approach

Build the software that rewards and connects wine lovers (advocates) with wineries that have excess inventory.

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Built from the Ground Up

We started at ground zero with just an idea and finished with a fully-developed mobile app.

In the process we designed every element, from the brand identity all the way down to the physical, in-store experience.

Something for Everyone

My Story

My Winery

Advocates get access to a wine community where they’re rewarded for sharing wines they love.

Building a Wine Community

Instagram was the primary acquisition channel we used to build a pre-launch community of influencers and wine lovers.

Coming To Life

With a defined visual identity, fully developed app, and a community of advocates, we created a campaign to showcase in the wild and spread brand awareness.  

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