How We Future-Proofed a Two-Decade-Old Business


American Financial Network


Brand Identity

After years in a volatile industry, AFN approached AdvoGlobal to help pave the way with a forward-thinking brand revamp.

The Challenge

Refresh the outdated brand identity.

our approach

Craft a strong brand that empowers growth and resonates with AFN’s customers.

Rooted in Our Country's Foundation

By honoring the past, empowering the present, and building for the future, we paid homage to America’s origins while solidifying AFN as a timeless brand rooted in trust and integrity.





Exceed and


It Starts With the Mark

Imagine a narrative that has happened time and again– someone with a dream to buy their own home applies for a loan. After the lengthy application process, that checkmark is the long-awaited sign of approval. 

We drew inspiration from this universal symbol, which stands as a mark of unwavering stability and support.

Subtle Significance

The blue tones throughout drive the message of reliability and trust. The red tones symbolize strength and ambition, and together the colors evoke a strong sense of patriotism.
kulturbanause logo

A Cohesive Identity

From the smallest logo to the biggest billboards, we designed AFN to be flexible– ensuring a smooth and consistent customer experience from start to finish.

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